Rosalind Holgate Smith (UK) is a Dancer and Interdisciplinary Artist interested in touch and movement experience. Informed by her work with Contact Improvisation, and somatic practices including Authentic Movement and Body-Mind Centering she has created performances, installations, films, and made work involving materials, drawing, and text. Rosalind has developed a vocabulary for moving outdoors, is also a Yoga Instructor and following her love of water teaches the Shaw Method for swimming, integrating the Alexander technique.

Dancing and Drawing
Building on my interdisciplinary practice, I want to work with drawing an impressionist extension of dancing, attempting to continue the sensory experience of moving onto a 2D surface. Taking influence from somatic research on the efficacy of imagery for dance creation and repatterning, I am interested to also re-cycle my drawn imagery and use it as a starting point for further movement. Through this inquiry I hope to develop visual and intuitive ways of understanding movement experience, and to reflect on the role of drawing and the creation of imagery in processes of embodiment and cognition.