After Mrs. Mills

After Mrs Mills (Moving image, 2016: 2m 37)
by Anna Macdonald


After Mrs Mills mixes (as ever) my domestic and artistic labour. It directly references two works made by the artists that have had the most profound influence on my practice; Spanish dance (1978) by Trisha Brown’s and Café Muller (1978) by Pina Bausch. It also references the music of Mrs Mills, another hardworking woman, who my mother would play over the speakers in the memorial hall where she ran her indoor market.

Anna Macdonald uses movement to explore philosophical ideas within site-specific and screen-based practice. Her work has been exhibited widely including; Artsdepot, London, Art Currents, New York, Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool, Dascamdans, Belgium, Miden Festival, Greece and was nominated for the International Video Dance awards in Barcelona. Her work has a strong participatory element and was recently selected as a flagship example of socially engaged practice by Peckham Platform and Creative Works, London. Alongside her freelance work, she is an active researcher at MMU and has published several articles about her work.