Misa and Clare are dancers, writers and sisters who grew up in the North West. Now based in Scotland, Misa’s practice has focused on ways of reading and writing the body; the texts, documents and maps that the body consists of and the questions about authorship and ownership that this raises. Clare is based in London, and is concerned with investigating the relationship between movement and language as physical experiences, an interplay between somatic practice and philosophical research that explores ways of accessing the undercurrents of liminal, impossible-to-articulate space.

We plan to use our time in studio 307 to revisit a shared collaborative practice which began officially in 2017, but has also could be said to have always existed within our sibling dynamic. Some of the threads we will pick up include: language, communication and documentation; the interdependence of writing and moving; historiography and the processes of mapping and documenting. Taking these, and coupling them with an expectation and willingness to explore the dynamics of our sibling relationship, we’re building a dual practice that draws on memory, improvisation, writing and sound.