Mary Pearson (US/UK)
Performance maker and dancer/researcher.
Using CI and related somatic practices, comedy, images and materials, voice and text. Toured solos FAILURE, The Sand Dog Cometh, and FoMO, mofos! internationally 2012-18. B.A. Visual Art/English Literature, Oberlin College (US). Attended Kiklos International School of Physical Theatre Creation (IT). Fascinated by collaboration as a complex and coordinated practice in survival. (This is not a solo). Loves to design frames as much as their contents. A co- curator/organiser/founder of Con|VERGE, REMIX collaborative performance residencies at Ponderosa Dance (DE), Raw, Roar, Rare festival and If only…! performance series at the Bluecoat (UK), Fool’s Proof Theatre Company (2006-11. R.I.P.) Teaching improvisation as a FAILURE Lab. Busy learning how trauma is held in the nervous system (Somatic Experiencing). Bringing this into meaningful action via performance research on collectively embodied trauma.