The practice: AREA 7073 – work as work and the work of making art.

Henrietta Hale and Marina Collard come together as two independent performance artists under the name Area 7073 to make video/performance which addresses work as necessity, making little or no distinction between working to work to make art work. Their projects frame their real-life situations through practice of engagement with and documenting of ordinary activity; putting a lens on and making visible the toil, tedium and banality of the kinds of activities that serve a necessity, the stuff they just have to get done. Through a process of asserting and recognising the patterns, habits, comforts and frustrations of familiar domestic labour they raise disturbing questions about the hyper governed, mass produced, institutionalised thought systems they exist within and unravel their political implications. Their practice involves their own engagement with and the documenting of ordinary activity; putting a lens on and making visible the toil, tedium and banality of their lives whilst recognising the patterns, habits and political implications.

The connection between performance and the digital archive/documentation/digital translations of liveness is central to their practice as a form of reflective resistance and a way of gaining a potent space of friendship that pierces through the confines of the arduous and mundane. Their work has developed from an interest in visibility and marginalised activity and/or status, committing to working outside of the confines of studio led practices and institutions. With attention to rhythmic, repetitious patterning, this visual and choreographic video performance reveals particular perspectives on ordinary activity, re-inhabiting life situations as a temporary occupation.

Henrietta and Marina will focus on their project Dream Clean Clean Dream. With a number of already constructed edits, their multi-screen video event will take over the studio as a way of exploring its performance potential.