Marguerite Caruana Galizia

Photographed by Sara Teresa at Yorkshire Dance 2017.

Since completing an MA in Choreography at LCDS (2007 – 2010), I was Bursary Artist (2010 – 2011) and then Associate Artist (2013-2014) at dancedigital and received a ‘Moving Frames’ commission from live@LICA (2012). I have carried out Arts Council funded residencies at University of Bedfordshire (2013 – 2014), live@LICA (2013), South East Dance (2014), Chisenhale (Refine 2014), The Place, (2015 and 2016), METAL (2016), Yorkshire Dance (2017) and Dance City (2018). I received two LUTSF scholarships, attending Johannes Birringer’s Interaktionslabor (2011), Anna Halprin’s summer workshop (2016). I am a member of the artist-led Chisenhale Dance Space, where I developed and performed ‘Frames’ (2019).

Artistic Concerns

My work reflects a longstanding obsession with space: framed, fragmented, continuous and discontinuous. I use real spaces, (frames, doorways, windows), and virtual spaces (projections, mirrors) to frame and fragment the body. Circularity and strangeness are recurring themes. Technology is another interest. I work with digital tools (motion tracking, depth cameras, projectors) as well as analogue ones (floor-tape, frames, mirrors). I devise movement through my interaction with these tools, deeply integrating the technology into my compositional process. The intimacy and nuance required by this approach has led to my current interest in solo practice.

During this Residency, I will explore the nature of identity (constructed, acquired, created, imagined) by encountering and re-encountering my own movement, body, image, thoughts through a daily creative practice. My approach is to choreograph through a process of iteration and accumulation, allowing for thoughts to permeate movement, movement to instigate thought, dancing, writing, rituals. My introspection is grounded by an awareness of the socio-political context in which I explore the themes of identity as a solo artist and a woman. My intention is to sit with these ideas/the work and I welcome visitors to join me and sit with me.