Bodies occupy space; in the relational sphere, there is a continual exchange of what is impressed upon our beings from our environments, and what is outwardly expressed in different circumstances of dwelling. This interplay of place, space, self and other offers a unique formation of conditions for self-expression. Within our human experiences our boundaries are different, our social conventions are diverse and yet what remains consistent is this ever-unfolding experience of being human and inhabiting many worlds, landscapes and other human and non-human animals.

My current fascination resides in exploring how my own queer body enters, occupies and leaves spaces. As an emerging Dance Artist on recent completion of an MA in Dance and Somatic Well-being, I want to explore using somatic tools, how I change and reshape whilst in spaces. Opening to discovering moments of transition where I comprehend the extend of physical freedom and my sensations of safety within these parameters. During my residency I will be actively immersing in personal practice to deepen my exploration with body, physical space, restrictive metaphorical space and internalised conceptions of space. Through movement and language, I plan to offer my body space to express, and offer my hands and voice space to speak.
Towards the end of this residency, I aim to offer a sharing in the shapes of movement and words, in the spirit of entering space together.