Somatic Practice Can Make Social Change
(an emerging offering)
with Fabiano Culora, RSMT

Those of us who work with the body recognise it as subject, however self study is not enough, we need to practice new ways of engaging the collective body map to avoid simply recapitulating Colonial, Patriarchal, Medicalised, Capitalist social oppression.

Felt-sense phenomena can be a mediating process, as we register the multiplicity in our positionality to social constructs. There may be patterns that need hydrating, and so we will explore processes that develop interoceptive capacities, while being personal within the collective. Please expect solo, partner and group work through moving, witnessing, speaking and listening.

I propose that softness, curiosity and emergent organisation can be political endeavours, as we explore unity and diversity, recognition of our biases, inclusion, equity. If we don’t feel change it is not sustainable, and so the bodily experience will be foreground.

This work is supported by my experience in and respect for my inherited embodied information through the lineage somatic practices of Yoga, BMC, IBMT, Authentic Movement, Somatic psychology, Body and Earth, Processwork and Craniosacral Therapy.


Fabiano Culora has been working with performers since 2001 though interdisciplinary practice, exploring bodymind awareness and preparation for creation and performance. Applying principles from Authentic Movement, BMC, Body&Earth and somatic psychology to performative improvisational practice, a work has arisen which enables performers to develop adaptable qualities of emerging presence from a supported embodied relational consciousness. He has held faculty positions in UK conservatoires and works in professional performance contexts. He has taught throughout the UK, Europe, as well as USA, Russia and Iceland. Fabiano also has a private practice working as a Somatic Movement Therapist in Leeds.