During my residency at studio 307, I spent time working with my solo practice inhabiting this particular space. Moving in and out of dancing, reading and writing. It has been an opportunity for me to find depth within what I am doing through dialogue with Amy though the practice of witnessing through authentic movement. Through my time in studio 307 I became aware of key elements that make up my solo practice, which include passage of time in relation to moving, endurance, shape, finding form as it emerges, folding & unfolding of the body, continuation.

Ella Tighe is a dance artist and yoga teacher from Yorkshire, currently based in London. In 2015 Ella gained a First Class BA (Hons) Degree in Dance Making & Performance from Coventry University. A contemporary dancer, Ella’s practice is informed by improvisation, yoga, somatic based practices and an expanded idea of what dance and choreography could be. Since April 2018, Ella has been developing a solo based dance practice which is process led and interested in what emerges through the practice of a studio based dance practice. The work has been developed through residency periods at Ponderosa Berlin, Clarence Mews, Creation Box London and Awol Studios Manchester (Amy Voris). As a yoga teacher, Ella teaches across various different London based Yoga Studios and is trained in Ashtanga, Dynamic Vinyasa, Rocket and Mandala Vinyasa. Ella regularly facilitates dance and movement within a variety of different contexts and is a lead facilitator for Flux Dance. Ella has performed and worked with a variety of different independent dance artists including Flux Dance, Joon Dance, Lizzy LeQuesne, Florence Peake, Gaby Agis. Ella is part of the Moving Digits Project. In 2019 Ella started a collaboration with textile designer Coco Cripps entitled Interlaced Cycles. Ella is part of the team at Creation Box London, part of a collective of artists who help run the space, whilst creating their work and receiving mentorship from artistic director Rachel Kay. In September Ella will begin a Masters Degree in Theatre Practices at Art Ez, Arnhem.