Bridget has an accomplished and recognised international portfolio of roles in performance, choreography, teaching/facilitation in community, education and professional contexts as well as producing & dance development (including initiatives prioritising the artist’s voice in strategic sector development). As an artist Bridget strives to respond to underlying conditions of how we perceive, experience & cohabitate in the world: engaging with what is challenging & what is wonderful. 19 years in contemporary dance & interdisciplinary collaboration, in Australia, the UK, Europe and internationally, has reflected this philosophy and has defined responsiveness, embodied considerations, shared experience, discourse and rigour as central to Bridget’s practice. These interests have opened opportunities for Bridget’s artistic work to tackle a broad range of subjects including: urgent human rights issues, cultural identification and tensions and areas of scientific research. As a consequence, each work/project reveals unique processes and sensibilities that emerge from a desire to: be authentic to the subject matter and context, and engage with audiences and participants on kinaesthetic, conceptual, imaginative, social and emotional levels.