Adam Moore is a dancer from London whose practice is rooted in embodied and transdisciplinary processes for dance making. Touching on writing, drawing, sculpture, video and sound, his work explores transformations occurring through and beyond dance. He is interested in how embodiment amplifies and clarifies connection to self, other and environment, and how embodied processes across disciplines might translate and emphasise meaning. Adam researches how experimental transdisciplinary methods of making and performance might thaw and unfreeze established perceptions and practices to reveal new ways of doing, feeling and thinking that heal closures between fragmented dimensions of reality. Adam’s work meditates on how transdisciplinary, embodied creative practice stimulates healing. Adam holds a BA Hons in Dance and Theatre, specialising in Creating Across Performance Disciplines, and is a recent Leverhulme Performing Arts Scholar graduate with an MFA in Dance Creative Practice. His research at Independent Dance and Trinity Laban centred on Multiculturalism and Sustainability, the ethics and concerns of which continue to influence and inform his expansive process oriented practice. Adam works independently and collaboratively with diverse groups as a teacher, performer, and writer. Overlapping embodied processes of dance and sound, his ongoing performance practice with Sound Artist, Producer and Writer Esme Lewis-Gartside explores psychic, physical and emotional liberation from institutionalised practices of induced disembodiment. Invited by curators, contemporary choreographers and visual artists, he performs nationally and internationally in galleries, museums, heritage sites and alternative venues. He currently writes for dance art journal and Resolution 2020 at London Contemporary Dance School.

My feeling is that I will be using the space to practice, research and begin making a solo because I don’t make solos. It feels ethical and economical and I am interested in sustainability of and through dance practice, so it seems apt to make something for me: my research, my labour, my performance. I have a number of unsuccessful proposals that I may take ideas from and work through/into a research process. I may have a few different lines of enquiry. Maybe? I will be writing, recording, dancing and perhaps broadcasting live at times, as a way of inviting others in to what I am doing. I hope my time can be experimental, emotional and provocative.