Adam Moore (b. 1986, London, UK) is a trans-disciplinary Dancer and Choreographer. His trans-dimensional, trans-local, trans-cultural creative practice integrates art forms and complex ideas through embodied, open ended explorations, where intuitive notions and more than rational processes produce a range of work that enables new ways of seeing, doing and being. He explores how embodiment can intensify ways of being with our whole selves in relationship with others, locally and globally, towards a more sustainable future.

His practice and collaborations are experimental, research-led and process-oriented. He creates visceral, sensual dance performance, sprawling across, through, into and beyond film, sculpture, sound, writing and collage. Adam consciously partners with others, inviting them to discover and explore universal patterns underlying complexities of subjective human experience in an attempt to heal closures between subjectivities. His offerings of gentle inclusion create playful, hospitable, liminal spaces for extemporaneous negotiable exchanges. Synthesising somatic techniques, using improvisation and the visual experience of dancing, tone, mood, and energetic shifts choreographically, embodiment manifests within his work to help unfreeze perceptions and relationships between himself and others, and natural and hyper accelerated technological environments. Adam uses trans-disciplinary dance and choreography to s;in work at RAW Lab; The Yard Theatre; Victoria & Albert Museum; Kettleā€™s Yard; Institute for Contemporary Art, London; The British Museum; Hollybush Gardens; Siobhan Davies Dance; The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum; Block Universe; Royal College of Art; Guest Projects; site specific contexts and public spaces.