a shrine to women’s work – Krissi

Krissi Musiol

My mother sits embroidering this waistcoat every evening over what seems like months. Sitting with my mother, a mixture of Polish folk songs and Abba cassette tapes, eating cake & watching her work, transfixed by the beautiful sequins & beads in silver & Polish amber, imaging her grandmother collecting the washed up amber on the Baltic coast near Gdansk, imaging a world in which I was not yet born, listening to her stories of the years before I existed – stories from her wedding day – how she wore her hair down and weaved flowers through it, and how at the last minute, as she was leaving the house, her mother flung a veil on her that she didn’t want to wear. I asked her about her first wedding dance, but she said she couldn’t remember.
shrine - krissi
Photo: Garry Cook