Accumulations began as a research and development project between four movement artists, and has become a network and support structure for those involved with experimental methods of making performance, movement, and art in Manchester and beyond.

We are interested in creating a space for artists to try things out as well as sharing our own practice and having conversations. We are politically concerned with fostering ephemeral forms of art, exchange and discussion, particularly those that embrace unpolished, uncertain, and critical processes. This developed as a response to making performance and art in Manchester, and from our desire to raise the visibility and agency of experimental and process-led artistic practice.

We have over 15 members (most are artists based in the North of England) who regularly attend our meetings. Each member has their own practice and aesthetic influences, but we are drawn together through a shared interest in performance, embodied movement practices, live art, and conceptual art. Our meetings adopt a range of formats. Sometimes one or two members will lead a workshop, or show some work-in-progress. Sometimes we discuss a set of questions, sometimes we read an article together. The sessions are open, the format is mutable, and anyone is welcome to join and lead, or simply participate.

We also have a large network of artists, programmers, curators, academics and those who define themselves outside of these positions, who attend our events and workshops, or just keep up to date with our news and calendar.

In our time working together we have curated platforms for the showing of performance, live art and artefacts. We work with local organisations and venues to find spaces in which to place our meetings, platforms and other activities.

We would love to hear from you!

Please get in touch if you would like to attend our meetings (they usually happen once a month), or if you would like to share details of any events or opportunities that would be of interest to our network and members.

We are also keen to have conversations with artists, curators, programmers, academics, interested parties and anyone else – to find out about what you’re up to, to work together on projects, and to make new connections. Manchester city centre is usually a good place to meet, and one or more of us are often available for tea and talking.

Email: doridheavybody@hotmail.com