We are Accumulations, a collective of four artists and curators working primarily in movement, dance and performance, who have been collaborating since the Autumn of 2014. We arrived in each other’s company through a variety of routes and each have our own practices and aesthetic influences, but are drawn together through shared interests in performance, participation and embodied movement practices. We are politically concerned with creating spaces for ephemeral forms of art, exchange and discussion, particularly those that embrace unpolished, uncertain and experimental processes.

We have a large network of artists, programmers, curators, academics and those who define themselves outside of these positions, who attend our events and workshops, or just keep up to date with our news and calendar. In our time working together we have curated platforms for the showing of performance, live art and artefacts. We work with local organisations and venues to find spaces in which to place our meetings, platforms and other activities. The tabs above include documentation for projects, satellite projects and events we have made as a collective since 2014.

Contact doridheavybody@hotmail.com for more information or to be added to our mailing list.