Dani Abulhawa makes site-based performance, often exploring gendered spaces, play, and resistance or subversion. Her interest in these themes and particularly in urban public places as site, stems from her history of practice as a skateboarder. Dani is interested in urban space as a social forum and in working with urban material qualities – of concrete (and other hard, smooth surfaces), repetitions and patterns. Dani is an artist-researcher, interested in the knowledges contained within practice and aesthetics. Alongside her artistic practice, she works as a Senior Lecturer in Performance at Sheffield Hallam University.

Hannah Buckley is a performer and maker based in the North of England. She makes work about human experience from a personal perspective. She is interested in the complexity of human co existence – questioning the way we live and creating space to imagine new realities. She uses imagery, stories and movement to express real experiences and contemporary issues. She hopes her work is honest and thought provoking, with a sense of humour.

Sara Spies is a choreographer, curator with The Choreographic Forum (London, Vienna), movement-based artist and Senior Lecturer, often working collaboratively with curated and research-based public programmes. Sara has created dance work within international gallery settings and through her interest in the choreographic potential of scores, she has published a series or articles that focus on time-based performance within exhibition spaces/settings.

Amy Voris is a dance-artist based in Manchester. Her practice is responsive and associative, driven by an interest in developing relationships with people and with movement material over long stretches of time. The outcome of the work is contingent on hunches and interactions that occur during the process and varies widely. She has worked in higher education for over a decade and in 2012 completed training in Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy with Linda Hartley.